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Dan White Jr co-planted Axiom Church in Syracuse, NY with the compelling commitments of tight-knit community, locally-rooted presence, and life-forming discipleship. Dan is also a strategist with the V3 Movement, coaching cohorts from around the country through a 9-month missional system. Dan has written two books: Subterranean and co-authored the award winning The Church as Movement. Dan is married to Tonya, dad to Daniel and Ari, and can be found enjoying conversations at Salt City Coffee.





With tenderness and fierceness Dan is relationally present to those around him. His speaking is no different. Every speaking engagement is rooted deep in the flames of his own practice and the hopeful future of what God is doing in the world.

With humor, story, tears, passion, and a whiteboard Dan Jr. can open eyes and carve concrete paths ahead for following Jesus.

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