Love Over Fear
Love Over Fear
Facing Monsters, Befriending Enemies, and Healing Our Polarized World


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A few of the stories in Love Over Fear took place at Salt City Coffee in Syracuse, NY. Around the table, listening to one another, healing can be given space. Dan White Jr. loves the craft of coffee roasting, so we dreamed up the creation of a unique Love Over Fear Roast to celebrate the beauty of Compassionate Curiosity from chapter 8. We hope that with every tasty cup you are inspired to move beyond fear to love your enemies.









Music transcends words. The message of Love Over Fear needed to move beyond the page into the sacredness of sound. Two artists soaked with the message and allowed the Spirit to stir something up within them.


SONG: Be Love by Kevin Max

The enigmatic K-Max marinated in the message of Love Over Fear and crafted a beautiful, beatle-esque, ballad. He was inspired to write a song that captured our common humanity and common need to love each other despite our differences. Simple yet profound. Enjoy the anthem!

SONG: No More Monsters by Leo

Leo (Hannah Ruttle) engages the theme of ferocious fear from the book. A starry and whimsical soundscape was created. She felt her own fears and translated them into universal language. Working off the 'monster' idea she captures that imagery and invites listeners to a more compassionate way. The song ends in an expression of worship, in the hopeful possibility of not being afraid to love our enemies. Explore the beauty!




“Dan White Jr. exposes the toxic pathology of our current political climate. Love Over Fear is inviting Jesus-followers to resist the siren calls around us. Love Over Fear is a wake up call!”

Alan Hirsch, Author 



 “With fascinating cultural artifacts and compelling stories, Love Over Fear enriches our imagination for love, not as sentiment, but as patient practice. Dan White Jr. carves a path beyond ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ into our healing role in the world.”

Jen Pollock Michel, Author 



 “What a highly practical and hope-filled book Dan White Jr has given us! Love Over Fear disrupts our deep tendency to be polarized against each other, while offering us a unique healing-path. Love Over Fear is a gift!”

Bruxy CaveyTeaching Pastor 



 “Is your soul fatigued by our polarized world? Love Over Fear will breathe oxygen into your lungs and speak hope into your ears. Love Over Fear is the help we need for these troubled times.”

David FitchAuthor 



 "By unmasking the ferocious fear that divides us, Dan helps us to see our enemies as people, not monsters. He puts real flesh on the kind of love that can heal us. This is a book for our polarized times!"

JR WoodwardAuthor 







Do you desire to take your small group/discipleship group through a learning journey of Love Over Fear7 Steps to Healing Our Polarized Church is an accessible and authentic guide. Beautifully designed and easy to follow, we have created this resource to assist leaders in awakening and equipping ordinary folks in a polarized culture. We hope it nourishes your local work.